Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Who's Andréa?

For those of you who love fashion and even for those of you who don't, I think we all have a little to learn from the ever so controversial character of Andréa in the multimillion dollar film The Devil Wears Prada and if you are not convinced, I'll explain why. There are a few factors in this blockbuster that made me wonder, would Andréa still be in the fashion world, perhaps as a senior lifestyle writer if it weren't for the lack of support present in her life? I mean, we say we want to do one thing but what if we're stifling our true passion?

Ambition. When we're talking about drive, Andréa should be a prime example. She is the pure personification of it. She worked her butt off and was willing to change her entire appearance (I think for the better) for the price of a small chance to attain her dream job. However what irritates me is that Andréa didn't use this drive to her personal advantage. As you know, she eventually claimed that her job wasn't so bad and her new sense of style was obviously a major perk but she gave up so many fantastic opportunities to network with top writers and editors in chief and for what? To be with her kinda sorta selfish friends.

Friends. What even are friends these days? Aren't they the people who are supposed to support you no matter what you decide to do with your life? Instead I found that Andréa's friends showed very little encouragement. If it's wrong to dispose of friends like that, then I don't want to be right because friends are supposed to accept you for who you are, even if you change. 
Girls who like pretty magazines and obsess over the latest pair of Jimmy Choos are people too. What absolutely bugs me is that some people have this mentality of 'You're too smart for fashion' when in reality fashion requires a lot of intellect, more than you know. When Miranda explained the process of how what's chosen to feature on Runways determine what will end up in fast fashion stores, I wanted to stand up on my desk and shout hallelujah; somebody who gets it. My main question is could Andréa have seen fashion for so much more if it weren't for her friends? 

The Guardian Angel. Nigel, oh poor old Nigel. I genuinely pitied him when Miranda decided to give his dream job to someone else, I must admit that that was particularly cruel but I wish Nigel had the initiative to know that he didn't need Miranda to create his dream job. By his age, I imagine his contact list must be overflowing with people who want him to work for them, where he would have the control that he craved. I think the problem was that he wasn't confident enough to take that risk, which honestly saddens me greatly. Buttt he was a great mentor to Andréa, let's face it, he turned an inexpensive cubic zirconia into a Chopard diamond. 

The Spotlight. Andréa truly had it all. Strolling from a benefit gala to Paris Fashion Week. From second hand rags to bloody Valentino but only after she proved to Miranda that she was the jack of all trades, the girl who could do anything. I can only dream of a life with days full of Galliano, Dior, Armani, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Vuitton and so much more. The simple lights of Paris or the chattering camera clicks of the street style paps. The smell of freshly baked macarons or the steaming coffee placed in your hand after merely 4 hours of sleep; the excitement of it all would catch anybody out. Fashion week, as dull as it might seem to some, is where it all begins and where it all ends. Nobody wants to miss out on that magic. 

So maybe Andréa feared Miranda Priestly or maybe she feared change. It troubles me to think that she could have been the one to change the negative aspects of the fashion industry. She could have proved to the world that you don't have to be a bitch just because you are particularly well dressed, or that the people in the industry aren't just airheads who crave expensive things and late night martinis. She could have approached fashion, with the power she had or the power she could have gained, from a completely different angle. People like her only come around once in a lifetime and although she feared becoming like Miranda Priestly, I fear that she could have been so much more.  As editor in chief of Runway, she could have changed the perception of fashion forever. Andréa could have been revolutionary.


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  3. I LOVE this!! This film annoyed me too, mostly because of the friends. They were selfish to expect her to be there at their beck and call and it irritated me to no end when they chucked her phone around the table when it was a call from her boss, then looked shocked when she got annoyed!


  4. I know I'm not the only one, but I really love that film and I'v ethought many times to have the oppurtunity to wear all of that super cute outfits.

  5. Loved this post, great read! xo

  6. This was a great read Ayisha. Totally took away the clouds and exposed what each individual could take away from that movie. It has depth.

  7. Great post. I love Devil Wears Prada. :) Cannot wait for the sequel.

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  8. I have seen the movie and it based on a book written by Lauren Weisberger aka Andrea. She's a successful writer now. I guess that's better than working for the Vogue (or maybe not haha)

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  11. I didn't see this film but what you wrote here sounds convincing! I think I would also be annoyed.

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