Sunday, 11 January 2015

I am Carrie Bradshaw

Source: We heart it

I'm a writer, I'm a party girl and I'm certainly a girl who doesn't believe in the simple things in life. I'm extravagant in what I wear and find thrills in only cities like Amsterdam and New York. Where there is a path for adventure, I will follow it. Even if it means I might die from liver cancer, living on edge is the only thing that electrifies me. I don't believe in mundane and I don't believe in all star converse shoes and jeggings. I am drawn to danger, perhaps It's out of curiosity or out of the adrenaline rush that comes with. I fell in love with living life in the fast lane at a very young age and I don't like to wait for things. Just like Carrie, I'm a make it happen kind of girl and when I go home and crawl into bed at night, I write it all down and I take it all in. I have this obsession for high heels (short girl problems) and I don't save, I spend. I am a devoted consumer and I like things that make me feel good so much so that I have decided that I am in a relationship with clothes. 

I've also decided that I am not capable of a 9-5 job, I hate routine. I'm a 24/7 kind of girl when it comes to fashion and experiencing life to the fullest. I think Carrie would agree with me if I said that passion makes you do crazy things and I'm not ready to stop. I don't think I'll be ready even when I am 75, old, ugly and grey. My squint is your signal to know that I just had an epiphany. Like Carrie, I've always preferred night time to day time. When the sun goes down, I'm either partying, reading or writing. I see the world in a whole different light (or lack thereof), my epiphanies are strong, endless and spiralling towards me like a tornado in North America. 

Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies. 
Owner of a luxurious high rise apartment in New York City, I wake up to the sun shining right into my eyes but that doesn't bother me at all. Remembering I have a lunch date with my best friend, I get out of my tangled white bed covers to plug the kettle for my routine black coffee. Smelling of strawberries and water lily after a refreshing lukewarm shower, I step into my walk in closet and inhale the smell of expensive leather and vintage clothing. Fashion, apparently, is what I built my life on. Jimmy Choo or Alexander Wang? Embracing the culture of freedom present in New York, I go against my initial outfit ideas and settle for a lemon coloured trench coat and a high waisted multicoloured pencil skirt, with a pair of Manolo blahniks; the cherry on top. My day is filled with business meetings hosted by company executives.  By 12AM It’s Soho time, which means only two things; pretty cocktails and a banging hangover the next morning. It’s already 3AM yet a new day knocks violently on my bedroom door at 6AM to begin another exciting, unpredictable day. I think I would be truly content with the life of the girl with classy frocks and Starbucks stops.



  1. I absolutely love this post. I always feel like I'm Carrie Bradshaw too, especially when I'm ticking away a new and particularly thoughtful post for the blog. Consider this a toast from one Carrie to another -

    Cailin :)

  2. Ah that's great,I remember laughing so much when she answered this to Mr Big. I love your article and agree with you about : I am a devoted consumer and I like things that make me feel good so much so that I have decided that I am in a relationship with clothes.

  3. After two posts, I'm already obsessed with your blog! I can picture the outfit you described so perfectly and I am guilty of picturing every detail of my outfit in my day dreams! I always want the fast life, the business meetings, the lunch dates but for me it's in my home capital London! Can't wait for another post from you!!

  4. I love the post you wrote. I love Carrie and I would love to have a glam daily life like she had<3