Thursday, 13 February 2014

5 Types of annoying Girls in a Nightclub

Hey lovelies,

I think this blog post is long overdue. Seeing as I'm a girl who enjoys going out quite a lot, observing the things that irritate me on a night out shouldn't come as a surprise!

I don't write these types of blog posts for the sake of being harsh. I write them because my blog is about sharing my opinions with you guys on all sorts of stuff and sugar coating isn't really my thing if I'm honest.

Now of course girls still 'run the world'... however when it comes to nights out in town, they aren't running nada.

Well I hope you guys enjoy this post and remember this only applies to a small percentage of girls. If you find you fit into any of these categories, try not to be offended...or be offended- it doesn't really matter. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and all that good stuff. Any questions you have can be answered here.

You know I bloody love you


1. The Girl with no sense of style (or class)

Yes I'm directing this towards you honeys who think you're the bombshell of the night. Here's the reality: your butt cheeks are hanging out because you thought it'd be 'nice' to wear what would be considered as a top to most, as a dress. Shit, that did sound like a slap in the face but hey, the truth hurts more often than not.

2. The 'fake' best friend girl

Do you know what I hate? Those girls who pretend you're the best of friends when they're absolutely wasted. That isn't even the worst part; believe me. The worst part is when they shower you with compliments and you have to try and think of one for them because well, looking 'gorgeous' while you're wasted is kind of a difficult task.

3. The Girl with the trust issues

I'm talking about the girls who feel the need to link hands with all of their 'best friends' on the dance floor like they all grew up in the same womb. It doesn't stop there; they also like to drag their friends through the dance floor while aggressively shoving past people just because they decided the spot they were jumping in (not dancing, you can't call what they do dancing) wasn't getting them enough attention. Now I'm not talking about a pair of girls because that would be reasonably okay. I'm talking about 5-6 girls.

4. The "my face is on my makeup" Girl

Oh c'mon we all see at least 10 of these girls every night we go out. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm not great at makeup so I stick to the basics- foundation, mascara & lipstick. However some girls either happen to think they're amazing at applying their own makeup or just believe their real faces are much uglier than their made up one. It may be dark in the club but it isn't that dark either.

Tip: Just decline politely when the photographer asks to take your picture, with flash.

5. The aggressive Girl

The word "classy" and "respect" do not belong in this girl's dictionary (that's presuming that she owns one). I'm not trying to be condescending when I say this but this girl needs to get a grip. She talks to bouncers and bartenders however she likes and in her mind, she is Queen B.
Alcohol & a playlist of Beyoncé's songs give some girls too much false confidence. But hey nothing like a disgusting headache in the morning to knock them back into reality.


  1. Love it! Shitting myself laughing haha. Great read, love the way you write and honesty is Best policy ;-)