Thursday, 27 February 2014

5 fashion bloggers you should be following

Hey loveys

SO I'm back and it feels great to be back. When I say I'm back I mean I'm going back to the days where I used to write a blog post every single day for you guys. Did anyone else count how many times I said "back" in that sentence? Wowza. 

I actually like recording my life and thoughts and sharing it with you makes it all the more worth it so screw college, assignments and midterm tests, (sorry mum) I will make room for blogging because there's something simply satisfying about it. As you know fashion is a huge part of my life and quite frankly I enjoy helping you figure out your personal style and who you want to be now but may not have the courage to be yet. I'm that girl who's willing to put herself out there without a care in the world in the hopes that everyone will do the same.

Anyhoo I reached 20K views today and I am honestly shocked because I haven't been blogging much these days but this is why I love you guys; you check my blog even when I'm not active which is the sweetest thing! I will be doing a massive giveaway when I reach 40K to show my appreciation so all suggestions are welcome.

Question: Do you guys want me to start lookbooks on my blog like the ones below? Answer here or in the comments people- thanks so much :)

Moving on today I'm recommending other fashion blogs that I really think you should be following. I'm really not one of those competitive bloggers who refuse to even recognise that there are other good fashion bloggers out there apart from themselves. I genuinely love the fashion blogging community and don't see anything wrong in recommending other blogs for you guys to have a look at; it's common courtesy really and I do love these 5 bloggers that I'm about to mention and I hope you will too.

Chat later
-Mizzmoi xo

1. Ashley Madewke

2. Tanya Burr

3. Patricia Bright

4. Flavia

5. Hannah Hawkshaw (she's Irish!)