Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Park Avenue Princess

Manhattan, NY

Slipping into some fluffy white slippers she pulled off her white robe revealing a skimpy white silk slip. Yawning and stretching her arms she looked outside her small window, it was 6am in the morning but the streets of New York were already as busy as a Saturday afternoon. There was no traffic to anticipate so early in the day so yellow cabs whizzed in and out of Manhattan at almost lightening speed. 

In New York, nobody ever takes anything for granted. 

A dispersed crowd of people dressed in mostly black went about their daily business, some entering giant law firms in nicely pressed suits, others stood out in the cold to set up their hot dog stands. Ambulances, fire brigades and NYPD surrounded West 46th. Another day, another commotion. Standing up she walked over to her small kitchenette, grabbed a tall glass and filled it with ice, lime slices, mint leaves and cold water. 

Downing her morning mojito she showered and dressed in a black turtle neck and blazer, flared work pants and a dainty silver necklace. Reminding herself she needed to make it to Saks on Fifth Avenue before 8AM she left her apartment. She had a friend there who slipped her some sample beauty products early Monday mornings. She was working as an intern in a top accounting firm and that pay really didn't cut it. Since she'd blown her college tuition on a year's rent in New York City, what choice did she have but to work her way up from the bottom? 

An 8am-8pm day job but night would soon fall and the real mojitos would soon come out to play. Her friends would soon arrive at her 4 by 4 apartment - one from brooklyn, another from Long Island, the Hamptons and Upper West. They'd indulge in pizza, and head to a rooftop bar, eventually ending the night in a reserved for the rich and well dressed nightclub discussing small victories and how they would one day own the world. 

Four friends, four different stories to tell. Yet the day in New York had only just begun.

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