Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Diamants au chocolat 3.0

No longer what you expected.  

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There is nothing more beautifully reckless than the truth.

I want to depict a part of the human brain that is never on public display. We are not just good and we are not just bad. We're not protagonists or antagonists we're just people trying to get around in a multi dimensional world. I'm interested in what makes us do the things we do, the concept behind human emotion and how they contrast each other like opposing colours. What makes us go from joyful to spiteful? What makes us go from positive to negative? 

We write our own story, we are motivated by different things, our life experiences shape us into rubik cubes that we cannot entirely solve. I find it fascinating that no two human beings are exactly the same; that there are identical twins, but there is no such thing as identical brains. We are individuals, hugely flawed and often emotionally damaged. How does this shape our actions and reactions? In the hopes of drawing our own faith who do we become?  

Mood will never be just about me. It's about us. I take inspiration from everything and everyone around me and try to get inside your brain. I try to understand and interpret in the best way I can and with that comes a story. A look into someone's heart, head and life, and how all three work in tangent with each other. 

One day I'd like to write books based around human character and create movies with characters that you'll love, and some that you'll hate. There are too many young creative people in Hollywood - writers, actors, directors - that don't get a break no matter how great their talent. Isn't it time to break into that industry with the power of the Internet? 


Sometimes it's okay to leave reality behind and just dream. 

Mark Zuckerberg is in the process of testing a new project called virtual technology. It'll allow people to experience mind blowing experiences like skiing, surfing and more without actually leaving the comforts of their own home or their cluttered work offices.

Personally I will always be a soul wanderer. My heart can never sit in one place for too long. It gets bored, agitated, hungry for more. So I have to consistently feed it with the soul food that it deserves - exploring and discovering different cultures and ways of life other than my own. 

Travelling will never just be about beautiful palm trees and historic monuments for me. It'll always be about the people who cultivate ways of life unique to each country. This section of Diamants au chocolat will eventually be visually focused, creating meaningful documentaries that will show you a world you don't know. 
For now I'll depict stories of that for you, representing different cultures, ways of life and of course beautiful palm trees. 


Because it's better this way. 

So you want to work in fashion? I'll always believe in fashion and how it can provide us with alter egos to shield our hearts. It's a big part of me and will always be but it's not the biggest part of me. To me fashion is an accessory to life: it can mould you into anything you want to be especially if you don't know who you are. 

But once you find out who that person is, the glitz and glam starts to become less important to you. Instead you find yourself truly wondering about the how and the why. How are fabrics made? How are fabrics sourced? What is fashion teaching people? Do we need to change? Of course we do, in a world like this there's always room for change. 

So I give you DAC: where a lot of my focus will be offline. There are so many things I want to validate in the fashion industry and one of them is ethical fashion; abandoning the use of animal products: leather, fur, wool, etc. I'm going to spend a lot of my time researching new technology in creating a concept of fashion that is harmless to the universe. Prove that we can still be stylish without killing animals, people and the earth.

I'm going to be researching the same with makeup and healthcare and these are going to be my big ventures - my career pit goals. Sometimes I'll write about insights on my DAC section from an ethical and business point of view. I'll show that the two can indeed mix. My entrepreneurship lecturer used to always ask what is something you can improve? Find an issue you can solve and then start a business. 


I'm deeply interested in branding and the stories companies tell to sell products. In a way, I feel we are often buying pre experiences and not products. We fall in love with stories and concepts and mood boards and things that make our minds escape. With the classe section I depict my own interpretation of branding and storytelling. 

So Diamants au chocolat is no longer a personal style blog but a documentation of fine tuned business concepts that is to come. Things will be changing in a major way. Are you ready for this? 

Find me on Instagram where I visually tell my story here: Ayisha Ogbara


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