Monday, 2 March 2015


She wears all black just like her soul yet her heart is made of gold.
Walking down the streets of New York, in her high waisted snakeskin leather pants and tucked in silk button down, the only thing on her mind was finding a discreet cafe for which she could read her latest book. Pulling down her fedora hat as the wind aimed to force her off balance, she stepped into the quaint cafe on 7th street ordering her usual Americano. 
She sat in the booth with the prettiest view of the sky. Taking off her long dusty blue coat, she stretched her legs. A chic outfit followed by the roughest soil grazed combat boots on her feet, the laces were deliberately untied. She rearranged the hat that allowed her to hide her unbrushed hair, currently slicked into a low pony tail.
As she waited for coffee as dark as her attire, she watched cars come and go, people come and go, the blinding sunlight come and go and as time slipped away, she found it impossible to leave the cosy 24 hour cafe until it was dark enough to see the tiny bursts of lights coming from the darkened sky. Taking breaks from the book she was enjoying, she spent several seconds staring into her brewed coffee, watching the now coloured milk swirl round and round. 
Lost in her own world, she didn't notice when somebody sat across from her. 
Not uttering a sound until she raised her eyes from her book, he laughed and stared back into his own coffee. Stealing little glances of her as he traced the puzzle of imperfections on the wooden table that separated them both. Wondering if she was as unsolvable as she looked, he blurted out a question that he wish he hadn't.
Where do you go when you're lonely?
Her eyes flickered upwards as quick as a light switch, subconsciously massaging in the dark red lipstick she had applied that morning. She smiled back before continuing to read. 
He swore he could see reflections of a sky filled with stars in her colourless eyes. Snapping out of his mode of curiosity, he got up to leave.

Take a guess, was all she said. 

**When in doubt, wear all black but with a touch of colour. Attaining sophistication is easier than you think. 


  1. Love how you write, a lot. And I totally agree with what you last said.

    xx naomi @ Naomi in Wonderland

  2. Love the edit, The all white DKNY outfit Cara is wearing is amaze

  3. lovely post! really enjoyed it - your blog is amazeballs x

  4. You have such a cute style of writing loved reading this post xxx

  5. She sounds like such a stylish and confident women... An idol almost! Love your style of writting babe! x


  6. I’m in love with your blog! I like your photos and style of writing! I know that it requires so much time to update blog, but keep doing it!)
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  7. love your writing, all black is my go-to :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

  8. Nice post! Love the all black look!

  9. Super great and inspirational post! :D

  10. Your writing is awesome, and so is the collage board.

  11. You are a so talented writer and I love it really how you write - and the looks you show here <3
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  12. Loving the classic NYC fashionista imagery in your post! I especially love that all white look, btw!

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