Thursday, 25 September 2014

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Hey beautiful people! 
I feel like this blog is becoming a little too monotone and if you know me, there's nothing I despise more than monotony. Being the girl who lives in such a mundane city, I find my creativity is stifled and if I want to find inspiration I must sift through the exclusive world of the internet. Let me start off with a little story of how uniformity is ruining the world I live in. It all started when I put pen to paper and filled in my CAO form; choosing Commerce as my number 1 preference. Like everybody else I waited with baited breath for the leaving cert offers to be released and to my (faux) surprise I was off to UCD to obtain a degree in Bachelor of Commerce. So I packed all of my things- everything from my collection of 20 blazers to a keychain I had no intentions of using- moved to the big city and jumped with excitement as I visited the UCD campus for the very first time. Being the fashion addict that I am, my heart raced at the thoughts of witnessing people's sense of style in college- I mean hello? Nothing rings the door bells of freedom more than having no uniforms. It was not long before I found out that the Lochlainn Quinn School of Business would be my home base and as I entered the opulent glass building, I knew I belonged. But oh boy was I wrong.  

Yes I'm going to stop the story there and make you guys read through trends and outfit details before I finish off the tale. Giggle enthusiastically please. So the trend we're talking about today is horizontal stripe tops. The level of sympathy I have for girls with big boobs could not be contained in this one article alone. So many clothing items are sorta kinda off limits such as horizontal lines. However for us pancake flat girls, this trend tends to suit us more. When I look at this top I see modishness, think upmarket and feel graceful. It is definitely the latest, most preferred staple in my wardrobe, every petite girl should invest in one.
Quickly moving on to the outfit details, I acquired this gorgeous red polo in Dunnes Stores. May I emphasise how much you guys are missing out by when not shopping in Dunnes? Shame on you. If I could only describe Dunnes Stores clothing with one phrase, it would be 'chic for less'. My blazer is also from there and I love the precise cut of it. My leather quilted shorts are from Forever 21, another favourite store of mine and my faux snake skin heels are from Primark and I must say they have been the best investment I've made in that store in several years.

As promised, the 'story' continued...

I did not fit in at all. Indeed I stood out like a sore thumb, everything from my skin tone down to my sense of style screamed distinctive. Believe me when I say that word isn't being used in an arrogant manner. Sitting on the balcony of the Starbucks concession, I observed girl after girl cladded in loose fitted off- white jumpers, dark jeans and a Michael Kors bag in tow. Perhaps everyone's just playing it safe for a few weeks, I thought to myself. Wrong I was again. Having been in UCD for over a year now, I noticed that the style in Quinn ceases to excite me. That is not to say that girls haven't changed it up since last year; swapping jumpers for leather jackets and long cardigans, ankle boots for long boots and see-through leggings (good riddance) for ripped jeans. Anyway my point is the fashion in Quinn may change from time to time but the style always remains the same. 
As I walked into the school of business today wearing over the knee socks, a metallic skirt and a print coat, I reached an epiphany. Status quo. Nobody lacks the ability to be creative. What people lack is confidence and what they fear is the opinions of others. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and please please please let me know what your thoughts are. Your feedback is the most important thing to me.

Lots of love from
-Ayisha x

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