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Hey beautiful people!
So I listened to Taylor Swift's new song 'Shake if off' properly for the first time today and I'd like to shamelessly admit that It's been on replay ever since. I even got annoyed when I couldn't find a download link for my phone before my mother ushered me into the car this morning. Let me tell you a little story  that might explain to you why my obsession for this song isn't going anywhere. Believe it or not, I used to be a very anxious person; anything could have made me nervous from someone making fun of me to simply walking past people on the street. 15 years ago I moved from a rather large country in Africa called Nigeria. Although I do tend to lie to peculiar strangers on nights out. "Where you from?" "Libya" I say with a condescending smirk. None of them knew where that was and if I'm honest their confused faces were quite amusing.
Those humorous scenarios aside, throughout primary school I did not feel different from my peers at all, I was one of them and they pretty much accepted me even though I was the only foreign girl in my class. At this stage I felt Ireland was my home and often indulged in the Irish culture, learning the Irish language in school, playing traditional instruments such as the accordion and violin and entering several Irish competitions such as the Feis. Hell, I couldn't have been any more Irish. Until the year I advanced to secondary school when one girl decided to ask the teacher in the midst of religion class what I was doing here.

I'm getting somewhere with this story and we will reach an epiphany but for now we must conduct the business of trends and outfit details. There is nothing I appreciate more than print clothes. I think they add some kind of diversity to basics so when you mix the two together, It results in exquisiteness. Cobalt blue has recently become my favourite colour because It suits my skin tone so well. I find that skater skirts are a very difficult trend as It is quite hard to make them look elegant and chic but the beauty of this skirt cannot be underestimated.
Long heavy felt tip coats are definitely a key piece in my wardrobe for A/W 14'. Not only is it practical for the cold weather to come, It can also make any outfit look more dressy than It actually is. Some of you might be tempted to pair a statement necklace with statement earrings but I urge you to be careful as this can come off as 'trying too hard' and nobody wants that.
Lastly, If I wanted to dress down this outfit I would swap the heels for black ankle boots and black over the knee socks underneath.
I purchased this eccentric skirt in Dunnes Stores as part of the Savida collection. My necklace is from Aldo and was €40. I know It was a bit pricey but when it comes to jewellery I definitely value quality over quantity. Again, I'm wearing my precious faux crocodile skin heels from Primark.


And the story continues...
I didn't know whether to answer at all considering she did not direct the question at me. However from that day on, I knew I never really belonged anywhere. I wasn't 'Nigerian' enough to fit in with the massive group of Nigerians that had soon formed and I certainly didn't 'look' Irish enough to fit in with some of the girls in my class. Anyway fast forwarding past countless snide remarks from ignorant, uneducated girls in many class, I still tried to get along with them, trying to find common interests instead of differences. Today I look back and realise how pathetic I was to do that.
It simply shouldn't be up to me to convince a group of people to like me; I cannot openly force you to accept me or even talk to me. Frankly that choice is yours to make. But more importantly why should I care at all? I've realised that being upset over people who don't like you (I know we've all been there) is completely moronic. I'm not afraid to act ridiculous in front of people anymore. I am comfortable enough to make a fool of myself in front of a large group of people, dance like a lunatic in clubs when everybody is watching, voice my blunt opinions, laugh so loud that the walls of the room respond in an echo of laughter with me and sing out loud in dainty streets. So what's my final epiphany? I don't have time for the wrong people, I don't have time to try and make friends with people who don't like me at all. I don't have time to even consider what your opinions of me might be nor do I have the time to care. None of us do. Being different isn't a disease and It's sad to think some people treat it as such but my conclusion for today is, you haven't got time to waste on being somebody other than yourself.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have any comments or thoughts, then let your voice be heard :)

-Ayisha x 

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