Monday, 25 August 2014

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Hey beautiful people,
How are we today? So as most you know, I did something pretty drastic this summer- I dyed my hair copper! When I first looked in the mirror post hair dye, I did not recognise the BeyoncĂ© girl in the mirror. I was bewildered at my new 'look' and also at myself; if you know me well, you would know that I am a bit of a 'conservative', I like my norms and I like my comfort up and I usually stay within that circle... up until this year. I've been taking risks with every aspect of my life, challenging myself to do things I would have never considered 1 year ago. Like I mentioned in my last article, being spontaneous is my new 'thing'. Anyway guys, tonight's article is going to be a reflection on my summer, future dreams and a little life lesson about making a change.

I'd like to call Summer 2014 a detox period. I spent a lot of my time reflecting on myself and the things that I want in life. Although I didn't blog much this summer, I had the luxury of planning ahead and figuring out exactly what direction I want Diamants au chocolat to head in. I had a lot of time to relax and enjoy some Tv shows that were blatantly new to me- if you need to blame anything for my disappearance from social media, blame Grey's Anatomy and Brothers& Sisters- yes guys I watched 16 seasons of Tv shows this summer and I enjoyed every moment of it. If there's one thing I've observed recently, It's that Tv shows help me grow as a person, I learn things and form opinions about life situations and circumstances that I would never normally think of on my own. I also had the chance of reading 'The Fault In Our Stars' which is probably the best book I've read since the Harry Potter series. I enjoyed sleeping in until the early afternoon (Is eating before 12 even a thing?) and staying in my pyjamas on rainy days. The reason why I enjoy summer so much is that for me, It's my time of growth where everything freezes for a moment- and that's the time when contemplation is the most important, not when there's university to attend, college friends to see and a whirlwind of other circumstances to attend to. So every summer, I cease the opportunity to sit back, relax, breathe in the fresh air and observe some flowers bloom. And when It's all over, I come to the realisation that "Life starts all over again when It gets crisp in the fall".

Daydreaming is nearly one of my most favourite things to do; although some might think that is dangerous, I think anything that adds beauty to my day is simply wonderful. I often find myself daydreaming about the future and all of the goals I would like to achieve before time runs out. I won't disclose such hopes and dreams because we all know what they say about thoughts that are spoken aloud; they often won't come to pass- but let's just say It involves a one way ticket to New York. Fortunately I have one important message for you: never let anyone ever tell you your aspirations are impossible; nothing is ever impossible- does it involve hard work and dedication? Yes. Is it impossible to achieve? 120% no. Obviously, I know you have heard this one too many times but It's not about how many times someone has said it to you, but whether or not you have taken it in. So go work hard in silence and be humble but take what is rightfully yours and don't let anybody stop you.

Finally, my love for change is beyond processable. There's nothing that excites me more than watching the seasons change from summer to fall, progressing from Christmas to a New Year, watching leaves fall, only to grow again- more beautiful and more quickly than the previous year. I believe with change comes new beginnings and that alone, inspires and reminds me to try harder and be better. I once said in an interview that the most important thing to me is to be surrounded by a constant environment that is always evolving. My disdain for 'feeling stuck' is worse than over sugared coffee at 6am in the morning. Permanent situations are useless to me because only change can and will help me grow as an individual while better yet still, enjoying the wild ride.

I hope you guys enjoyed this casual article and if It has helped you reflect on things in anyway, please leave a comment below or on my

-Mizzmoi x

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  1. lovely outfit! I love your hair as well!!

  2. Love that jacket! I agree summer really brings on change, I can't stand being stuck in one situation for far too long. If there is need to grow than I'm growing haha! Daydreaming is what I do ALL THE TIME LITERALLY! I think about my goals and dreams for my life and its so endless and yes that also includes a ticket to New York for me too ;)