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College Essentials

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First things first I'm a realist I'd like to congratulate each and every one of you who managed to get into college this year, kudos to you. I know it was a slightly stressful period for me last year and if I wasn't a fashion enthusiast I wouldn't have allocated any time for planning and shopping for college essentials. Coming straight out of secondary school uniforms and getting the freedom to wear whatever you want whenever you want is not an easy thing- even for 'fashion bloggers' like myself. I am ashamed to admit that for at least 50% of first year I looked like a complete hobo. I can make up all of the excuses in the world but the truth will remain the same, early mornings and me just did not sit well. However now that I'm a second year, I feel like I'm going to be so much more organised, also because of my upping Lookbook projects on this blog to three times a week every week starting september; yes I've already began outfit planning and I hope you guys are as excited as I am, eeep! 
Anyway back on topic, I decided to write this article to give some of you an outlet, dressing well and looking presentable every single day is not the easiest thing in the world but if you follow this list and arrange your autumn/winter wear accordingly, you'll always look effortlessly stylish- college or no college.  


-Crisp button down shirts/blouses
-White, black, burgundy, beige tank tops
-Turtle neck crop tops
-Nude tights
-knee/thigh high stockings

Your basics should match any of your other essential wear listed below in order to get the full wear out of everything. Try and keep everything similar so matching clothes in the early mornings of a Monday morning won't seem so daunting. 


-Boyfriend jeans
-Well fitted skinny jeans
-Metallic jeans 
-Cigarette pants

Denim has been a huge deal this year; every shop that I walk into now has a separate section for their denim wear, which I think is great because denim is comfortable and can be stylish if you pair it with the right things; take for example a crisp white button down tucked into boyfriend jeans, layer it up with a double breasted 'pea coat' (below) and nude loafers.

-Leather jacket
-Pea coat
-Faux fur Gilet

Need I say more? If I absolutely had to pick between these 4 types of coats, I'd pick a pea coat and a leather jacket; pea coats are super classy yet leather jackets are more casual/edgy and I love the direct contrast between the two of them. 

-Well sized bag

This is probably the most obvious college essential; keep in mind that you need a bag big enough to fit a laptop, its charger, an academic book or two, an A4 notepad, pens, makeup... and a hairbrush. That might not sound like a lot but It is, so I would recommend a classic leather bag from Zara, H&M, Asos, Parfois or New Look. If you're treating yourself, definitely go for a chic Marc Jacobs or Victoria Beckham; no semi expensive faux leather Michael Kors 'shopping' bags necessary.

Double C's (Cute yet comfortable)

  1. Zara loafers €27.95
  2. Zara flats €25.95
  3. Zara studded ballerina flats
-Nude flats
-Statement flats

Comfortable shoes are a must for college, especially if your schedule is really busy. Flats can seem so 'blah' but I've picked out some very stylish ones from Zara in primary colours that will compliment anything you wear. Super important tip, nude flats make your legs look much longer so this is a huge wardrobe staple for me. 

-Ankle boots
-Knee high boots

Ankle boots are a must if you live in a cold country like Ireland. Make sure your handbag and your boots compliment each other- you'll definitely look more put together. College isn't a fashion show- you can afford to look simple yet chic simultaneously. However boots with a little heel can dress any outfit up, so keep that in mind. Knee high boots are obviously optional but they are a classic piece to have in your wardrobe.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have any comments please leave them below or don't be afraid to contact me on my, I genuinely love sharing my opinions and thoughts.

Chat later 
-Mizzmoi x

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