Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lookbook | More than Black

Hey guys,
How are we today? I hope you're all enjoying the unusually beautiful Irish weather that seems to be lasting more than 5 minutes. I would say I wish I was doing something more fun right now like diving into salty oceans but freezing cold water isn't really my thing. Anyway today we're talking about the trends that seem to be taking over the freaking world (leather and lace), outfit details and a little bit about embracing failure.

Correct me if I'm wrong but lace is everywhere these days (everywhere) and I don't think I'm imagining things. Don't get me wrong, I love this trend; It's a breath of fresh air even though it did come off of our grandparents parlour curtains. It's funny how something so dated can be rejuvenated so much so that It's the biggest summer fashion trend of 2014. If I'm honest, out of all the pictures I've seen of people wearing lace on my newsfeed and so on, I wasn't particularly wowed every single time. Lace is feminine, elegant and has an air of gentleness that I love about the material. My mother owns the most beautiful, most extravagant (yet beautiful) lace fabrics I have ever seen. It would make the lace clothing pieces you see in fast fashion seem like crocs. So much so that I've thought about taking some behind her back (hehe), sending them to a tailor and creating my own dresses. As you can see I've paired my inexpensive lace blouse with a leather skirt. 

I bought this chic blouse from Dunnes Stores in the Savida collection and I absolutely adore it. It deeply annoys me that I don't wear it enough because it deserves to be shown off a lot more than it is. If I remember correctly it was €35 and worth every penny. I don't understand why more people don't shop in Dunnes; the clothes are of much better quality than the likes of Primark and right now, their Savida collection is right on point with all of 2014's trends. Lucky enough my mum works in Dunnes so I get first choice of absolutely everything and she knows exactly what I like to wear. The skirt is from River Island and it cost me €33. The thing about River Island is that when they get it right, they get it right but when they get it wrong- oh boy are they wrong. What I mean by that is their clothes are either mouth watering and worth the price or they are simply not. I talked about those New Look shoes you see in my last article and I'm glad you guys love them. The 'envelope' bag is Louis Vuitton- borrowed from my older sister's wardrobe- I'm still trying to figure out a way to convince her that It totally belongs in my wardrobe but for now, I think I'll just borrow it. My midi rings are from Primark; have I mentioned how obsessed I am with midi rings? They didn't have any in gold when I was in the store which was kind of disappointing but I still love these ones, they are such a simple touch of accessories to any outfit. 

I'm wearing a pink lipstick from Lancôme but before applying that, I put on a lip liner by L'oreal that was a similar shade of pink- which I've had since Christmas- so worth €6! My foundation is the "teint vissionaire" by Lancôme and my mascara is also by Lancôme. I just adore this mascara because it makes my lashes appear fuller and longer yet still very natural.

The last thing we're going to talk about today is embracing failure. Today I went for a job interview at Tommy Hilfiger- an interview I didn't think I'd ever land- but the store manager, Chris was so lovely and made me feel totally at ease. However as he told me that there were 30 other people to be interviewed that same day, any tiny hope that I had of getting the job vanished. I know what some of you are thinking- 'so, you're a glass half empty kind of girl?'- well sometimes I am but It doesn't mean I don't go for every opportunity that comes my way with a positive attitude. I just accept failure before it happens. Now you guys are thinking 'okay that is definitely not healthy'. It's perfectly healthy when you don't think of failure as a bad thing. Failure to me is a lesson in disguise. When I fail to reach goals I set out for myself, I learn something new- every single time. Today I learned that sometimes interviews aren't about your credentials but your personality; that will help me in the future. 11 months ago I learned that not getting all A's in the leaving cert isn't the end of the world. 2 years ago I learned that trying to please and befriend everyone is a mere waste of time and look at me now. This is why I don't believe in what society counts as failure; failure says to me, that I can keep learning, keep growing and through my failures, keep achieving.

That's all the knowledge I've got to share with you today and I hope you enjoyed every minute of it- scratch that- I hope you took something away from it and use it to form an opinion of your own, even if it does clash with mine. Have a lovely evening beautiful people.



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