Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Lookbook | Late night blooms

Hey lovelies,
How are we all doing this evening? Oh God, I know It's been ages and I am super sorry but I took a little break from social media (It's draining) for a few days and decided to chill, catch up with some of my new favourite tv shows- Grey's Anatomy- and basically eat lots of food. Although I am indeed back to tumblring, tweeting and a new project that I can't tell you about for another few weeks. Anyhoo let's get back to the main topics of discussion: tonight we're going to be chatting about plaid and button downs as trends, outfit details for this look and simplicity.

Plaid has always been a favourite of mine because there's something about the material that just screams preppy, chic and casual sophistication. The first time I admired this trend was when I saw it on the Burberry runways at Fashion Week a couple of years back. Everyone knows the typical Burberry staple includes plaid material of some sort, it is simply a given and is possibly the reason why I've always had a soft spot for Burberry in general. Although in these photos I'm wearing a plaid blazer, I can imagine myself in a simple plaid body- con dress, some sandal heels, a bowler hat and a well cut blazer. However a few months to a year ago, when every retail store consisted of some kind of red plaid leggings, crop tops and etc the trend suddenly seemed distasteful to me; I actually hated seeing it everywhere and on everyone including girls who chose to wear it in a 'I'm an unfashionable underage club- goer' kind of way.  I'm all up for trying to make preppy and sophisticated clothing young and fresh, hey that's what I'm all about but only when It is done right. But enough about that, button downs are one of my favourite pieces of clothing. One can wear it casually with some denim jeans and loafers or one can dress it up a lot with some high waisted shorts or a leather skirt. Correct me if I'm wrong but I can't imagine this trend dying out anytime soon.

Now for some outfit details, filming this lookbook was totally a 'spur of the moment' kind of thing as was writing this article. I picked out something to wear literally 60 seconds before Kamilė arrived. We were going out clubbing so we really didn't have much time to shoot anything major but I'm so content with the casual feel of this outfit. When I'm not lazy or have a considerably busy day ahead, this would be one of my typical outfits; a button down matched with a blazer and some pumps. It's simple, It's easy and It doesn't take a lot of preparation at all, considering I own a wide collection of almost 20 blazers- call me cray- but this is what works for me. I bought this plaid blazer in Dunnes Stores for €40, It is part of the Savida collection and what I love most about it is the leather trimmings around the collar. Preppy, edgy plus chic? That's literally me in a nutshell! My beloved yellow button down is from ONLY and I received it as a gift from one of my Aunt's. Anyway enough about the clothes, I absolutely love my makeup. As some of you know, I'm really sceptical with anyone doing my makeup with the exceptions of my best friend and sister. My older sister did my makeup this time and can I just point out that she is better than a lot of self proclaimed makeup 'gurus'. At first I was a little nervous because she prefers heavy makeup and I prefer 'barely there' makeup and usually only wear foundation, mascara and some lipstick. Even though I literally bugged her over everything and asked her what she was doing at every step, she still tolerated me (lawl) and I must say It turned out amazingly well so thanks sis- lots of 'xo's' for you.

The final thing we are going to discuss today is my personal choice of topic- simplicity. There's something about living a minimalistic lifestyle that just appeals to me so much. For example in the way I would decorate my future home; everything would be either white or cream, soft colours that let the sunlight shine in. Down to the way I now drink my coffee- black with no sugar, added flavourings or milk. I like to accept (most) things as they are. In a deeper, more contemplative sense, a simple life avoids a lot of drama. Simple includes choosing carefully what or who you're going to let affect you and/or your emotions, achieving goals at your own pace and not trying to compare yourself to the richest person you know or the most popular person. I don't believe simplicity or minimalism is boring, I believe It is serene; It is beautiful. Minimalism means you don't have to pretend to be anyone else but yourself, you don't have to try and impress people by making ridiculous small talk. It's still something I have yet to perfect myself but I have learned that when you try to live life in the fast lane, you lose a piece of yourself each time until you have nothing left so call me naïve, mundane or even moronic but when one lives simply, one simply lives.


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