Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Your perfect breakfast

Some of you are aware that I often like to take pictures of my food on snapchat (ayisha_o). For you fortunate beings who do not own the ridiculously addictive yet slightly pointless app, I've gathered a few screenshots of my breakfast from my phone. 

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day (coming from a person who never ate breakfast a few years ago) and I don't mean to sound like your mother or anything but...

Oats // Kiwis // Walnuts


Pineapples // Corncakes // Peanut butter // Banana 

1 Sliced orange // Oats with honey

Black coffee (no sugar, no milk) // Pineapples

 seriously. SERIOUSLY if you want your damn abs by the end of this summer, you've got to eat a healthy breakfast (lunch and dinner). Eating breakfast boosts your metabolism greatly, which means you burn more fat, burning more fat means getting your abs faster. No pressure. Just think about the abs. You'll also feel energetic and healthy so channel your inner Candice Swanepoel because life is too short for a flabby stomach and horrible skin. 

Tough love from
-Mizzmoi xo

A note to my loyal readers,

So I feel like I've abandoned you for far too long and I literally do not have a valid excuse except that life got in the way. The truth is that I became too wrapped up in creating a perfect blog (layout, design, etc) and stressed myself out so much, that I suddenly lost the appetite to blog every day.  For example, I stayed up until 5.30 AM one night (blame the coffee) and decided to change my whole blog design because I wanted to impress you guys. I hated seeing other bloggers have more well presented blogs than my own so I guess you could say I got competitive and not in a good way.

 I pushed too hard and nothing was ever good enough for me. As you can see, I've been filming a couple of outfits for you, which can be great fun until you actually have to pick out which pictures you want to use, you guys are only seeing the good pictures but believe me, there were some really bad ones, and when I say bad, I mean catastrophic. 

One thing some of you may not realise is that blogging may look easy but it's actually a lot of hard work that demands time, attention and the mind of a perfectionist. For some time, I thought I wasn't cut out for this anymore but I soon realised that I have hundreds of readers who I'd be disappointing in that case, plus I (kind of, sorta) missed you guys and sharing my thoughts with all of you wonderful people. So there's the catch up and I guess you can say I'm back on track and ready to implement all of the plans I've made for this blog so yes, you should be excited.


  1. Nice breakfast pictures. Absolutely understand what you mean about the blog, your readers love your writing style, tips and everything you offer on the blog.The design is just the cherry on top and try not to let it stress you out xx

    1. Aw thank you so much Nemi, you're a star! x