Friday, 20 June 2014

How To: Look effortlessly stylish

Hey guys,
How is your day going? I pretty much spent my day doing absolutely nothing. I lounged around and probably ate more food than I should have but all in all I was recovering from my tragic night out that was yesterday. Okay so It wasn't bad but do you know what was really irritating?

Girls not dressing like their worst enemy would be in that nightclub. I wanted to be intimidated by an overwhelming power of personal style, instead I got blasé and down right typical. Fine, there were a few girls who looked impeccable so I won't complain too much. A lot of you are probably thinking 'is fashion all you think about? You're supposed to go out to enjoy yourself'; but I did have a good time dancing to awesome music, chatting with some old friends and observing outfits- that's my idea of a fun time.

Now let's get back to the main topic. The funny thing is looking effortless actually requires a little more effort than you think. It is a very hard look to pull off despite the title of this article. Luckily enough, I have a few tips and outfit ideas for you that might help you a great deal. Having stalked tumblr for the past 5-6 years of my life, believe me when I say I know what I'm talking about. I've subconsciously studied the art of being effortlessly stylish and what I've learned will shock you to a certain extent.

1. Don't brush your hair

Looking effortlessly good looking is about the 'whole' package. I took some selfies today having not brushed my hair and I really liked how the pictures turned out. They don't look like I was trying too hard because I really wasn't. Some of you have naturally curly hair; put it in a fish tail plait and let pieces of it hang out. Slick your hair in a neat high bun or just run your hands through it when you wake up- nothing complicated, just keep it simple. That is the trick that so many people never get right.

2. Minimal makeup

Repeat after me: mascara, lip gloss and (a tiny bit) of foundation or concealer. Dust your face off with some compact powder if you feel like you need it but other than that, no more makeup. Very few girls can apply eyeliner pencil correctly, including me so staying away from it is probably a good idea if you're trying to look like you didn't put a lot of work into your appearance.

3. Minimal jewellery

Rule no. 3. Stay away from excessive use of jewellery, less is more. Think simple, clean but still original. This basically means no chunky, obvious jewellery that makes you look like you're trying. One piece of jewellery is all you need; my personal favourite is a midi ring or an ankle bracelet.

4. Play with colours rather than patterns

If you know your colour chart and know what colours generally go with which, you'll be great at this. Lots of people don't know their colour chart and think putting two neon colours together is a good idea (that is never a good idea). I'm not saying play it safe because playing it safe would make you look too put together. Just think grey and beige. Navy, black and white. Brown and cream and so on. However if you're stuck and running out of time, all black is always the way to go.

5. Stick to the basics

Make sure to go to your local primark/pennys and pick up some inexpensive basics (like tank tops/crop tops/ shorts/ skirts in black, white, grey and nude) that you can match with things that are little more out there.

6. Add unique items

This is where the 'stylish' aspect of things comes into play. Personally I would stock up on waist coats, sandals, loafers, brogues, bowler hats, black sunglasses, kimonos, patterned bags/satchels and blazers. The key is not to where all of these items at once (hehe) but one or two at a time.

I really hope you enjoyed this article and if I helped you even a little bit, please let me know in the comments below. Sharing this post with your friends on your Facebook would SO be appreciated, thank you for the on going support.

Same time tomorrow? 
-Mizzmoi xo

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