Thursday, 1 May 2014

Sometimes It's okay to think you're Beyoncé

Hey girlos,

So there's a story behind this lookbook. My brother kindly agreed to take the shots. We had loud rap music blaring inside the house (seeing as our parents are out of town for a little while) and as Miley would say I was 'feelin' myself'. Cringe, but I have to say it guys. Sometimes it's okay to think you're Beyoncé. So I finally decide that we've taken enough shots and I'm excited to go back into the house and start the selection process...except we locked ourselves out. How clever is that? Touché. Thankfully enough I don't have a scrawny strengthless boy as a brother and he was able to kick the door in and break one of the inner locks. Wish me luck on explaining that to mum.

-Mizzmoi x

A few quick questions for you:
 1. Do you want me to continue doing lookbooks? 

2. Are my fitness posts helping you? If so, do you want me to post more food diaries?

3. Any specific advise you want me to give?

4. My next giveaway is starting up soon, what do you want me to giveaway?

5. What's your favourite summer snack?


You can answer them here. If you answer any of the above, thank you so much! Getting feedback from you makes me happy :)


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