Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How To: Have the best summer of your life

Hey loveys,

So today I've come up with a simple list of 30 things you could do to make sure you have the perfect summer. You might think that some of these things are just common knowledge and that they are, but we often forget to indulge in the simple things in life, which is really a shame. There will always be a time for travelling the world but don't forget that the inexpensive things in life can also be just as fun. Next summer I will be living in New York on a J1 so this summer I really want to appreciate the ordinary things in cold, boring Ireland. 

I hope you're having a wonderful and rewarding day.

-Mizzmoi xo

1.Set a goal & achieve it

2. Write an essay about your dream summer

3. Read a good book..or 3

4. Go for a jog 2 times a week

5.Spend time with your family

6. Make memories with your friends

7. Take lots of pictures (selfies included)

8. Eat ice-cream on sunny days

9. Download refreshing summer music

10. Stay out of arguments

11. Don't speak ill of people

12. Don't hold onto the past

13. Put effort into making your meals, then instagram them

14. Look after yourself.

15. Wear less makeup

16. Go peer jumping on a sunny day

17. Have a sleepover (no, you're not too old for one)

18. Don't sleep in

19. Tell yourself you're amazing every single day

20. Don't criticise yourself...or others

21. Bake some cakes with your siblings as a gift for your mum

22. Turn up the music & dance in the comfort of your own home

23. Have a BBQ and invite your friends

24. Meet some new people & make some new friends

25. Go clubbing & then walk home afterwards

26. Host a camping trip with some close friends

27. Start a new tv show

28. Go on a road trip with a couple of friends

29. Set up a tumblr and use it (Warning: highly addictive)

30. Put your faith in God & watch the magic happen.

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