Monday, 1 July 2013

The Joys Of Life

There are many aspects of life that make me happy. Although I think the word happy is such a mundane way to describe the joyous bursts of enthusiasm I feel when having a good time. I prefer the words that sound more exciting and less ordinary, words like blissful, euphoric, freewheeling, joyous.
I guess it's time for you to sit back and buckle your seat belts as I explore the four aspects of this beautiful thing called life that keeps me sane; it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Yes it's true that families were created to drive us insane, especially my family! However the truth of the matter is that I love my family dearly and I'm sure many of you would say the same. What is happiness without family? I don't think such a thing exists. Who else would put up with my tantrums and horrible instantaneous moods? Who else would listen to my complaints and persuade me that scary movies aren't real and no, I didn't just see something creepy (perhaps a ghost) in the corner of my eye? Who would put clothes on my back and food in my mouth? Who in this world would make me feel comfortable enough to share my deep desires? Ask yourself these questions and you'll come to the conclusion that I have reached. My family is important to me, your family is important to you because they make us happy. Some of you may not realise right now but you will, I assure you. I personally feel lucky because I know the worth of my family and I know they would do anything to ensure my happiness and that's simply what's most pivotal.

Having friends is an aspect of life that I find absolutely blissful especially when you have things in common; like hating the same people and fangirling over the same boy bands. I say, life would be disastrous without at least one good, great friend which I am extremely blessed to have! My best friend is someone who knows me very well so well that she knows my reactions to incidents before I even have the chance to express them. I love the crazy things we get up to, the laughs we have cycling long distances or picking out outfits for one another, the secrets we spill on late summer nights and the times when we're there for each other when one or both of us goes through a rough patch. It makes me joyous and carefree knowing there'll always be someone there to listen and keep me company, always.

Who doesn't enjoy this aspect of this life? I can't imagine an individual who can say this is so! Food is incoryable as the French would say. I appreciate all kinds of foods because I believe food can cheer you up.
Example no.1: It's cold, damp and raining outside and I have tons of homework to do. My immediate thought is to plug the kettle and settle down for some Irish Lyons tea with plenty of milk and a dash of sugar or a hot chocolate and a slice of pain au chocolat; I can't imagine anything more blissful!
Example no.2: Settling down on a late Saturday evening with a bunch of soaps like the good 'ol Eastenders to catch up on - my ideal situation would be to order a tasty Chinese takeaway and have it delivered to my door. A bowl of rice and a small portion of honey steak ribs with a dash of lemon . Doesn't that sound like paradise or need I say more?

I've always been interested in fashion- the clothes, the make up, the hairstyles, I love it all. It all sounds so simple doesn't it? A mere way to express yourself but I assure you it's not as simplistic as it sounds. Fashion is an art more specific than any other and it is an aspect of life that I enjoy.
Artists create these fabulous images in their muddled minds and then turn them into reality, just like that. It amazes me how simple pieces of fabric can be turned into art with just a few instruments.
Fashion is an art and with that come the artists- the designers, stylists and photographers while the models are their portraits, their blank canvas'.
A team coming together with one mutual aim- to create art, that's what makes me joyous.
Sometimes, I feel that fashion is underrated. People don't realise that clothes give you a chance to physically show yourself to the world, you're naked in once sense but not in another. Fashion allows you to be whoever you want to be- it's an art that no one can take away from you and to me, that's magnificent.

The truth is we don't live in a perfect world, we live in our world where we're constantly fighting obstacles but if you can find the things that make you high-spirited and cherish them with every part of you, then you've already won the battle! These are the things that make me jump for joy, how about you?


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