Sunday, 13 November 2011

Fashion is an Art

I've always been interested in fashion- the clothes, the make up, the hairstyles, I love it all.

What intrigues me the most is how people can create these fabulous image in their heads and then turn them into reality. It amazes me how simple pieces of fabric can be turned into art with just a few instruments.

Most of all, what leaves me breathless, are fashion shoots. Fashion is an art and with that come the artists- the designer, stylist and photographer while the model is their portrait- that's the way I see it but not to be ignorant of course, we also have the guilds. In the renaissance, artists needed guilds- these were the people who assisted the artists with his work while also learning by observation.

A team coming together with one mutual aim- to create art, that's what makes me breathless.
Sometimes, I feel that fashion is underrated. People don't realise that clothes give you a chance to express yourself to the world, it allows you to be whoever you want to be- it's an art that no one can take away from you and to me, that's magnificent.

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  1. Wow really inspirational :D I like ur enthusiasm :) I can see a bit of mr.Hoey in u through this article :-P I like it :D I've got talent babes! Love the photos too :D

  2. I meant you've got talent :-P soz :-L

  3. Great blog dear! Yeah, I agree with you. It's really fascinating how clothes is made and that all starts with one sketch.