Saturday, 4 January 2014

Best Dressed: Débutantes (De la Salle)

Hey guys,

So I know I've been lacking in the blogging department but hey I have to be inspired to be able to write this stuff- it just doesn't come out of my derriere. Anyway so yesterday was a typical Friday night, came home from work and logged on to Facebook (as you do) only to see that a Debs was taking place. Of course this provided me with the chance to select best dressed. Really, I should attend these events in order to get a wider option but guys, I think Facebook does the trick just fine sometimes! (Plus I'm not in school anymore so that would be awkward hehe). So between last night and yesterday I picked out the best outfits that came up on my newsfeed and yes I will be listing them in order of preference to make it interesting for you guys, see if you agree/disagree- that kind of stuff. I must say I was in complete shock at some of the outfits; I've come to realise that as the years pass the dresses get better in some people's case or worse in others. But seeing as we're keeping it positive on this blog, I am super excited to show you who I picked! I won't be commenting on the outfits because I'm trying to be objective here haha!

"Fashion is something you can learn but personal style is something one must discover."

What I mean by this is that I can spot the people who've just looked at a couple magazines and stole outfit ideas from head to toe and I know those who haven't. What I love about these best dressed gals and guys below is that they all possess something unique; a personal sense of style. That's not to say that the hollywood glamour theme isn't present, I'm just exemplifying the fact that it's not uniformed. So I'll stop rambling now and let you guys see whom I've selected.

Thanks so much for reading and remember that I love you guys.


  • A major thanks to Suzanne Jackson ( for the compliment, I hope to one day be at the level she is with the support of you guys! 

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Your girl
-Mizzmoi X

1. Emily and Ben

2. Colleen Craven

3. Colin and Kayleigh

4. Emily Meegan

5. Meabh Sloane



  1. Hi there!!! I´ve been having a look of your blog!!! Very beautiful and interesting post!!! From now on, I´ll be following you!!!

    1. Aw thank you so much, glad to hear that! xx